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High Performance Coaching

Are you stuck in an endless loop of anxiety, self destructive behaviours, self sabotage and negative self-talk? Do you find yourself struggling with money, toxic relationships, feelings of insufficiency or lack? Perhaps disconnection or feeling as though you are not good enough or not smart enough – the imposter syndrome!

Are you yearning for a peaceful, happy and fulfilling life but nothing you have tried in the past is helping? You have probably tried all sorts of things in a search to find the answer out there!

Mind Whispering brings together Spiritual teachings, Soul Whispering & NLP Mastery to help you connect with your inner soul, heal from your negative karmic patterns, and guide you through turning your life around.

Mind Whispering sessions are $200

'We are not People to be moulded we are Beings to be unfolded'


I constantly have this feeling that I am not good enough and low self worth.
One or both of my parents abandoned me. Does this sound familiar?
My anxiety is through the roof. I have more anxiety now than ever before!

Why High Performance Coaching

  • Shift you past old trauma
  • Stabilise your mental emotions
  • Develop clarity of mind
  • Discover your life’s purpose
  • Improve relationships
  • Realign with who you are at soul level
  • Create greater abundance in your life
  • Improve your mental and emotional health
  • Release judgements of self and others
  • Connect to your higher self
  • Open your awareness to how your mind is creating problems
  • To align your 3rd, 4th and 5th dimension to live your divinity

Mind Whispering Sessions

What to Expect

Mind Whispering Sessions help you to understand why you are stuck in a negative mindset and why you keep recreating the same problems. They help you to connect with who you are at a soul level, and learn to keep your self-sabotaging ego in check. You will learn how to be released from any trauma that is causing you to suffer so that you can manifest, cre