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Meet Rebecca

Rebecca is a Specialist Energetic Kinesiologist after recently completing her Advanced Diploma in Kinesiology. With her extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology from a career spanning over 16 years with the human body,  she understands how emotional, mental and spiritual stress can impact the physical body, resulting in pain, disorders and disease.

Rebecca Is Passionate About Helping Clients Release Stress and Anxiety and AchieveTo The Mind, Body And Soul, And Guiding Her Clients Towards A Life Of Peace And Harmony.


  • Resetting The Nervous System
  • Managing Anxiety and Stress
  • Musculoskeletal Pain
  • Preparing for Pregnancy &
  • Postpartum Recovery
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Weight Gain and Weight Loss
  • Digestive Issues

Qualifications: Advanced Diploma of Kinesiology, Massage Therapist and Access The Bars Practitioner.

Rebecca's Specialities

Rebecca sought out kinesiology after experiencing chronic anxiety and the impact it was having on her physical body. Now Rebecca helps her clients to regain their health, wellness and peace by restoring balance to the body and energy field, helping them heal from the inside out.
Rebecca is particularly passionate about helping clients reset their fight/flight response that impacts physical, emotional and mental health by balancing the central nervous system.

Rebecca can help those experiencing ongoing physical pain, hormone imbalances, menstrual issues, digestive disorders, issues with weight loss/weight gain, anxiety, headaches, nervous tension, immune deficiencies. 

Working With Rebecca

Every single person has a different root cause us to their underlying health issue.

Rebecca will first assess your health history, to ensure the priority issue can be resolved first. To stabilise the nervous system, surface level stress needs to be addressed first so she can unlock the root cause.

Once the root cause can be identified, the correct energy healing techniques can be administered.

As Rebecca starts to release the blockages, the nervous system starts to respond and start to heal the physical body as the communication between nerves, organs and glands are restored. This will leave you feeling lighter, more energsied and balanced.