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High Performance Coaching

Are you stuck in an endless loop of anxiety, self destructive behaviours, self sabotage and negative self-talk? Do you find yourself struggling with money, toxic relationships, feelings of insufficiency or lack? Perhaps disconnection or feeling as though you are not good enough or not smart enough – the imposter syndrome!

Are you yearning for a peaceful, happy and fulfilling life but nothing you have tried in the past is helping? You have probably tried all sorts of things in a search to find the answer out there!

Mind Whispering brings together Spiritual teachings, Soul Whispering & NLP Mastery to help you connect with your inner soul, heal from your negative karmic patterns, and guide you through turning your life around.

Mind Whispering sessions are $200

'We are not People to be moulded we are Beings to be unfolded'


I constantly have this feeling that I am not good enough and low self worth.
One or both of my parents abandoned me. Does this sound familiar?
My anxiety is through the roof. I have more anxiety now than ever before!

Why High Performance Coaching

  • Shift you past old trauma
  • Stabilise your mental emotions
  • Develop clarity of mind
  • Discover your life’s purpose
  • Improve relationships
  • Realign with who you are at soul level
  • Create greater abundance in your life
  • Improve your mental and emotional health
  • Release judgements of self and others
  • Connect to your higher self
  • Open your awareness to how your mind is creating problems
  • To align your 3rd, 4th and 5th dimension to live your divinity

Mind Whispering Sessions

What to Expect

Mind Whispering Sessions help you to understand why you are stuck in a negative mindset and why you keep recreating the same problems. They help you to connect with who you are at a soul level, and learn to keep your self-sabotaging ego in check. You will learn how to be released from any trauma that is causing you to suffer so that you can manifest, create and choose a more abundant life.

During your session you will be given the tools you need to access your unconditioned being – the deep ‘I’ and therefore to be released from your conditioned self – the surface ‘Ego’ and create the life you deserve.  

Our clients greatly benefit from face to face sessions every 4-6 weeks to maintain the inner journey of self-discovery and help course-correct when you run into triggers, situations and unexpected issues along the way.

You will be provided with homeplay, podcasts and other tools to help you maintain this state on a daily basis and to help you on your journey to a healthier, more peaceful mental space.


Meet Robbie

Robbie is a highly skilled Mind Whisperer, Mastery of Life and a student of the Universe. He specialises in the field of personal and spiritual transformational development. His 5th Dimensional Connectedness is his primary energy centre. 

Through his own journey of suffering, feeling down and lost, burdened by life, trapped and unhappy, Robbie reached a breaking point and was ready to walk away from it all, however something said ‘look inside’.

Using a series of modalities Robbie helps you to clear the blockages of past and present karmic choices, he helps you find your purpose, to resolve your own suffering and to facilitate you to become expanded and conscious. More importantly he will provide with the tools maintain this internal state of being. 

Robbie is here to help you through every step of your own journey to sound mental emotional health, abundance and joy.

Words from Our Clients