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Soul Whispering

 At each incarnation, you have created energetic blockages and restrictions made from negative choices that have now affected the way you receive vital life force energy and created negative karmic patterns.

You don’t consciously make these choices – the issue is you don’t know who you are at soul level.

These negative choices come about from trying to get the human experience ‘right’, which takes you further away from who you were here to be.

Why Soul Whispering

When you are stuck in a cycle of negative karmic patterns, it often leaves us experiencing a range of issues:

  • Feeling lost
  • Everything goes wrong for me
  • Financial problems
  • Issues with physical health
  • Relationship problems
  • Career dissatisfaction
  • Generally unfulfilled in life

However, when you begin to make choices aligned with who you are at Soul Level, you have ease with:

  • Creating optimal health
  • Physical vitality
  • Being present
  • Creating financial abundance
  • Conscious communication
  • Quality relationships
  • Positive Manifestation

Soul Whispering Sessions

Soul Whispering combines the skills of both Sara and Robbie to return you home to who you are at Soul Level.

After gathering the information needed for Soul profiling, Robbie not only facilitates releasing of your negative karmic patterns from past life incarnations through Mind Whispering, he stops you from making new ones in this present life by addressing the 4th-dimensional aspect of your mind and ego (where all limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, sabotage, judgements, projections and expectations reside.)

Sara heals the blockages and restrictions made from your negative past and current life choices that impact the physical body, the emotional body and the spiritual bodies using Body Whispering.

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