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Access Body Class #3

Access Body Process – Half Day Class #3

This process is for unlocking the lies of limitation…

Welcome to the Access Consciousness Body Processes ® Sara is a qualified Access Body Process 1 day class facilitator.

What is an Access Body Process?

It’s hard to put into words how powerful these processes can be. They aren’t about ‘healing’ the body. It is a contribution to the body. My knowing is that as you place your hands on a body and ask for a specific energy to come up, the molecules of the body start to shake and anything that is trapped within the cells, matching the energy of the process, starts to release and dissipate. It’s kind of like Access the Bars but for the body!

In this  half day class you will give and receive one Access Consciousness Body Process® 

So many to choose from and I am excited to teach  them all. For class 3 will be focused on a process that I have only been using for a few months and I LOVE it!! It is powerful, unlocking the body to receive so much more than it currently does. I can’t give you much more information than that, as it is something you have to experience, not understand.

Due to the nature of this Access Body Process, the class has a capacity of 12 participants.



Nov 19 2023


10:30 AM - 1:30 PM