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Healing The Mind Body & Soul

New Vibe Energetics

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Welcome to Our Health & Wellness Conscious Healing Centre



Healing at the level of the mind can change your whole human experience. Mind Whispering is the first step to your awakening.



Healing at the level of the body can change your passion and excitement for the human experience and restore your energetic stability.



Enhance and accelerate your ability to be connected to who you are at Soul Level. Healing at the level of the soul helps you discover your divine gifts and manifest continuous positive karma.

Guiding You Through Your Journey Of Transformation and Positive Change

New Vibe Energetics is one of Perth’s Leading Centres of Kinesiology Services, Consciousness and Spiritual Coaching.  We work with you from a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual approach to consciously guide you towards positive changes that are both realistic and achievable.

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