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energy hygiene for empaths and energy healers

Energy Hygiene Class

Does being around people make you feel exhausted? 🥱 Big groups of people can be fun, but then craving some alone time? Or do you get overwhelmed or fatigued in spaces like shopping centres, hospitals, office buildings?? 🙃

Depending on the lightness or darkness of the energy 🙈 it can influence the vibrational frequency of your energy field and either create blockages and interference, or open up any kinks or blockages and restore harmony.

When you have more dark energy than light, you can become stuck, heavy, unhappy and unwell. By understanding all the different types of energies that work within your energy field, you can move, clear and change that energy instantly, by following the exercise and clearings learnt in this class.

In this class facilitated by Energetic Kinesiologist & Master Healer Sara, you will learn to:
– Understanding how your Energy Field works
– The different type of energies and how to recognise them
– Dispel dark/negative energies
– Different types of spirits
– Attract positive vibrations
– Choose the best crystals to protect your energy field
– Clear energy effectively
– Create your own clearing toolkit

This class takes you beyond smudging and into awareness of how it all works and empower you to take responsibility for your own energetic health.
You will leave this workshop with different ideas of how to keep your energy field stable and expanded PLUS some tools on how to put energetics boundaries in place.
Don’t hesitate to take this opportunity to invest in yourself and your energetic health. Join Sara at her Energy Hygiene class and experience the transformative power of cleansing, rejuvenating and expanding your energy field!

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Dec 03 2023


10:30 AM - 12:00 PM




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