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4D, 1 Wise Street, Joondalup


9:30am – 4:30pm

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Kick Your Start Your Biz For DEI Practitioners

There is a Pre-requisite to this event – You Must Have Completed Divine Energy Practitioner Level 1.

This is the ONLY time that Robbie and Sara will be sharing some things to consider as you start your new business as a Divine Energy Integration Practitioner.

The event will be streamed live if you cannot attend in person and it will also be recorded and uploaded to your Practitioner Portal too if you have paid for your ticket.

We know you may have your business name registered and a website started but there are other areas or aspects of your business you need to consider:

  1. Marketing – launching your business on Social Media is completely different to using Social Media for personal use.
  2. We will help you get a clear  of what it is you wish to gain from using Social Media platforms to make creating content easier for you (There will be a separate workshop for marketing strategy and implementation)
  3. Branding – its more than just a logo and your colours. Branding is about the energy of your business and its important to have a clear concise picture of what that is for you.
  4. Using different software platforms to make launching and growing your business have so much ease to it. Without wanting to overwhelm you – we use several such as Canvas, Later, Meta Suite – which is the business platform underpinning Facebook and Instagram.
  5. Looking at different payment methods such as Stripe, PayPal or Square
  6. How to integrate deposits for your sessions as well as your pricing structure –  if you have different type of sessions being offered
  7. The professional approach to networking and other ways to share your business
  8. If you want to be referred by DEI to you – the pre-requisites for your Website Presence
  9. If you haven’t registered your business name, domain name, instagram handle – a quick discussion these items
  10. Google my business presence and its importance for referrals and recommendations as well a SEO




Jul 30 2023


11:00 AM - 1:00 PM