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Evolutionary Coaching

Whether you’re grappling with stress, anxiety, relationship challenges, or simply looking to improve your overall sense of well-being, evolutionary coaching offers a safe and supportive space to explore your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. 

Robbie works with you to uncover the root causes of your concerns, guiding you towards a harmonious balance of mind, body, and spirit. Holistic counselling is a journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment, designed to help you lead a more fulfilled and authentic life. 

Embrace a path that considers the whole you, and experience the profound transformation that holistic counselling can bring to your life.

I constantly have this feeling that I am not good enough and low self worth.
One or both of my parents abandoned me. Does this sound familiar?
My anxiety is through the roof. I have more anxiety now than ever before!

How evolutionary coaching Can Change Your Life

  • Stress and anxiety reduction
  • Releasing trauma
  • Stabilise your emotions
  • Declutter the mind from overthinking
  • Bringing harmony into your relationships
  • Clearing negative thoughts and judgements
  • Attract greater abundance in your life
  • Create more ease in your everyday life
  • Improve your mental and emotional health
  • Connection with your higher self
  • Raising your level of consciousness
  • Lead an authentic life

What to Expect

You can expect a welcoming and nurturing environment where you are encouraged to explore your thoughts, emotions, and concerns in a holistic context. The session will typically begin with an open and non-judgmental conversation, allowing you to express your feelings and share your experiences. As the session progresses, you can anticipate a collaborative effort to identify the root causes of your challenges, rather than just addressing surface symptoms.

Evolutionary coaching sessions often encourage self-reflection empowering you to ta