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Holistic Services for the Mind Body & Soul

At New Vibe Energetics we offer a range of services from Mind, Body & Soul Whispering to Energetic Kinesiology as well as a range of Massage Therapies. We also provide several types of events for people that are new to this world of alternative and complimentary services.

Local Holistic Services

Wellness Centre Sessions

New Vibe Energetics offers a range of healing services to help you regain vitality and tranquility.

Our highly qualified practitioners are here to help you replenish at the level of mind, body & soul.

Local Joondalup Location

Located in Joondalup, Perth our healing centre is a hub of tranquillity.

With zen vibes and comfortable rooms, you can enjoy a calming atmosphere during your session.

Remote Online

Remote sessions are available for Mind Whispering, Soul Whispering and Kinesiology.

These are particularly useful due to being in isolation or purely because you may be located outside of Perth.

Services and Treatments

Mind Whispering

Are you stuck in an endless loop of anxiety, destructive behaviours, self sabotage and negative self-talk? Do you find yourself struggling with money, toxic relationships, feelings of dissatisfaction or unfulfillment. Perhaps disconnection or feeling as though you are not good enough or broken.

Healing at the level of the mind can change your whole human experience

Mind Whispering is that first step to your awakening, to truly being present in each and every moment, so you can truly create a life of ease, joy and abundance.

Body Whispering

Your energy field is the vital life force that animates and gives your physical body life. Blockages and restrictions in your energy field interfere with your ability to manifest and live authentically as well as impacting your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health.

Healing at the level of the body

Healing at the level of the physical and emotional body can change your passion and excitement for your human experience. Body Whispering  can restore energetic stability and align you with your divine gifts  so you can truly create a life of ease, joy and vitality.

Soul Whispering

At each incarnation, you have created energetic blockages and restrictions made from negative choices that have now affected the way you receive vital life force energy and created negative karmic patterns.

Healing at the level of the Soul

Healing at the level of the Soul can enhance and accelerate your ability to be connected to who you are at Soul Level. Soul Whispering is that first step to discover your Divine Gifts, your Divine Energetics qualities and manifesting from continuous positive karma.

Energetic Kinesiology

Energetic Kinesiology is a holistic approach to long-lasting health, vitality and well-being, with results that can be felt immediately.  By combining ancient eastern energetic healing arts with western healing sciences we address a wide range of physical, emotional, mental, nutritional and spiritual issues.

What Can It Help With?

Physical Pain & Injuries, Stress & Anxiety, Low Energy Levels, Poor Self Esteem, Digetsive Issues, Neurologicl Issues, Headaches, Migranes and many more….

Newvibe Massage

Having a massage at Newvibe Energetics is one of the most wonderful things you can treat your body too. Our masseur Rebecca is an amazing masseur. She treats you with such warmth, kindness and respect.

Each massage is adapted to each clients specific requirements. Rebecca is always eager to learn new techniques to help the body heal itself.

Massage Treatments

Hot Stone Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Swedish Massage, Aromatouch Massage and Sports Massage 

Newvibe Events

Sometimes people are not quite ready to do a One To One session and would like to investigate for themselves just what we do here at New Vibe Energetics. Therefore we have a range of workshops that we hold every couple of weeks so that you can come along in a group setting and find out for your self just what magic we create during our sessions.

Workshops Range in Size, Type and Subject

The Chakra Class, Stepping Into Being You, The Money Class, The Open Your Intuition Class, The Relationship Class and many many more

Important Client Information

New Clients

New clients can sometimes be a little anxious when they come to their first appointment. Our wellness centre is a place of tranquility and zen. Our practitioners are highly trained and will make you feel at ease as soon as you arrive


All of your personal information is kept within our practice management software. Only authorised practitioners have access to this data and it is not shared with any other third party businesses.  

Session Information

No need to bring anything with you Just please ensure that where applicable you have completed your new client form which you would have received as a link in your appointment email confirmation.


Once your appointment has been confirmed and you cancel within the confirmation period of 72 hours, Newvibe does reserve the right to charge a full fee for the cancellation.

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